Strategic and Front-Line Marketing

a professional looking person selects a marketing option from a virtual UIWhether it be product or pricing strategy, competitive analysis, or expanding your offerings, Culver Consulting has decades of experience building, creating, and marketing brands of every type. Traditionally and Digitally. Marketing involves the Strategic and Operational use of all modern media tools to efficiently promote and grow a brand, its identity, and its messages. The result: to build two-way, brand-centric relationships that result in brand preference and choice—creating continuous, long-term purchase of the brand’s products and services. And generation of brand equity. 

Offline, Online, social media, sales channels, strategic pricing, product innovation, store design, consumer Insight, and strategic market planning. These are the tools of modern Marketing, but they also require at their core a powerful brand. Marketing is powerless without Brand, and Brand goes nowhere without powerful Marketing. The relationship between the two is infinitely complex, and success requires expert experience and knowledge of both—individually and in concert with one another. And best-practice quantitative and strategic prowess.