About Us

Started in 2002 in Seattle, WA USA as Brandish, in 2008, moving under the umbrella of Tigon, LLC – then in 2023, evolving into Culver Consulting as a niche brand strategist and service company focused on small business. We are your on-demand leaders, marketers and creatives. From Brand Strategy to Brand Insight to Creative Design to Brand Management to Digital Marketing, we drive brands to their next competitive level. By laser-focusing years of broad global coverage, Culver Consulting offers powerful local understanding and expertise. Whether our clients are starting out or well-established, we pride ourselves on giving individual attention and dedication. 

To us, brands are far more than logos. They are living philosophies and ultimate competitive advantage tools. They should change and enrich people's lives—providing prosperity for all concerned in terms of products, problem solving innovation, and economically.

We generate industry-leading brand strategy and brand marketing ideation, learn how it best works, and then apply it to create powerful brands, brand management systems, brand teams, and marketing initiatives—Off and Online. We also help brands manage growth, evolve or re-position in the midst of an ever-changing business world, discover new opportunities and fight competitive moves. Often, brands come to us because they simply want to be better and, the ones we choose as clients inevitably level up.